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XMTP Grants Application

Every big idea starts small 🌱

Fill out this application to be considered for XMTP Grants! To learn more, check out DMs open at grants.xmtp.eth (via for any queries. Come say hi! Note: integrating with XMTP without contributing to public good creation does not qualify for a grant.

hello & gm 👋 What's your (first) name?

Nice to meet you! What's your last name?

What's your email?

What's your ENS, or EVM address, for your XMTP inbox?

What ENS, or EVM address, should we send the grant money to (if your submission is approved)?

Who will be receiving the grant money?

Tell us more about your team

What is your project called?

What category does your project relate to?

What category does your project relate to?

Describe your project in detail

How will your project contribute to the XMTP ecosystem?

If the project succeeds, what goals will it accomplish?

Any links relevant to your project?

What intermediate milestones does your project have?

Which grant are you applying for?

Which grant are you applying for?

Tell us how much money you need, and a breakdown for how you plan to spend it.

When can we meet in the next 1-2 weeks?

Did we forget something?